INDUS VALLEY Daily Care Shampoo Enriched with Organic Ingredients Without SLES, No Parabens, Ph 5.5 - (200ml)

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Indus Valley Daily Care Shampoo hair fall control shampoo for dry and frizzy hairis Combination of organic Herbs without Harmful Chemicals like SLES/SLS, No Paraben, Soap & Alkali Free, Tear Free Shampoo, which contains in-build Conditioner like aloe-vera, Soya, Jojoba Oil for extra nourishment. It is 100% Vegetarian Shampoo.Daily Care Shampoo with Micro Moisture Serum builds a protective shield around the hair fiber and defends your hair from daily wear and tear. It is a gentle hair cleanser that keeps your hair looking healthy and lustrous. It is mild on your scalp but a perfect protection from the aggression your hair faces every day, in the heat and dust. Containing Nutritive Serum, which absorbs into the hair strands to keep them beautifully nourished and shiny, this Indus valley shampoo surrounds your hair with a protective shield, defending it from everyday stresses, like brushing.



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