Indus Valley Herbal, Natural Damage Free Gel Colour For Hair Black- 1.0 Pack of 2

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Indus Valley Gel Black 1.0 Hair Colour is a New Technology Hair colour, Which colors your Hairs in just 35-40 minutes. it is a new way of coloring your hair naturally. Its is 1st PHAB free Technology Hair Colour which can be used by anyone. Main Features: 1. It is Doctor Recommended Hair Colour 2. it contains Orange Fragrance. 3. It Can be used by anyone. 4. NO PPD, NO AMMONIA, NO PEROXIDE, NO HEAVY METAL. 5. PHAB Free Technology. 6. Contains Organic Herbs. 7. Dermatologist Tested Hair colour 8. 12 Colour Shades are available. 9. Colouring with Care (Helps in Regrowth, Helps in Removing Dandruff) 10. Nourishes Hair & Scalp.


Prepared with Richness of Himalayan Grown Herbs | NO PPD, NO AMMONIA, NO HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, NO HEAVY METAL | Certification HALAL, BIO NATURAL,DOCTOR RECOMMENDED | It Can be used by anyone. | it Nourishes Hair, Moisturizes, Work as hair remedies for hair fall, dryness and dandruff





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