Jojoba Oil Gold 50ml Cold Pressed, 100% Pure & Natural, for Dry Skin & Hair from Desert Splendour, Rajasthan.

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Desert Splendour jojoba oil is a golden coloured clear oil. Jojoba oil is closest to human skin oils, it is a liquid wax and not an oil. It can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser or conditioner for skin, hair and nails. Apply a thin layer directly to the face, hands or cuticles. Desert Splendour is the largest private Jojoba Plantation in the country with over 90 Hectare of land coverage in Rajasthan. At Desert Splendour we focus on delivering the best quality Jojoba Oil to cater to the growing needs of the cosmetic industry. Our mission is to provide cold first pressed, absolutely pure Jojoba Oil, directly from our plantations in Rajasthan, to all consumers in India. Our Jojoba Oil plantations are completely sustainable, and environmentally safe; we provide the purest and highest world standard quality Jojoba Oil available.



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