Juice Nail Polish Pack of 3 Tickle Me Pink - 179 / Pink Rose - 15 / Pearly Flint - 269 GLOSS COMBO_1

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Paint your pinkies with a bottle full of dreams! Juice Pinky Gloss Nail Polish Collection is all you need to make believe that there is magic on your fingertips. Pink Rose, Tickle me pink, pearly flint- your heart will definitely melt with these shades. Juice pearly flint finish gives perfect finish nails every time for any occasion, in a women's life. Glam-up your nails with this Intense and Drip Resistant and Zero-chip Streak-Free Nail Colour. Pamper your nails with these long-stay nail colours and flexible brush. Apply coats of Juice nail lacquer that gives you both, the perfect "hot n happening" look, or the uber classy corporate chic. P.S. Let your nails do the talking. How to Use: Want polished perfection? With these tips, you can nail any mani - Start by applying Juice Natural Nail Base Coat after you clip, file & buff your nails, pushing the cuticles back - Apply the first coat of your fav Juice Nail lacquer with 1 stroke down the center of the nail, followed by 1 stroke along each side of the nail. Smoothen the surface of the nail with a final stroke of the brush. - Then, apply a second coat of the Juice Nail lacquer, pulling colour over the tips of the nails. - Apply the top coat which protects your nails from chipping, adding shine to nails.



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