Kama Ayurveda Daily Night Care Regime for Men, 350g

Kama Ayurveda Daily Night C...
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Step 1: Cleanse Himalayan deodar face cleanser a soothing face wash filled with natural ingredients that leaves the skin feeling perfectly cleansed and hydrated. Step 2: Tone pure vetiver water a refreshing face mist and a natural astringent that hydrates, balances the pH balance of the skin, adds essential moisture to skin while tightening and clarifying pores. Step 3: Moisturise skin brightening night cream for men an incredible skin brightening treatment for evening skin tone, lightening and brightening and stimulate new cell growth. Rich in antioxidants, this formula reduce dark circles and pigmentation while preventing fine lines and signs of ageing skin. A perfect leave in night treatment for youthful natural radiant skin.



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