Kamdhenu Neem Chhal (Bark) Powder 250gm.Azadirachta Indica

Kamdhenu Neem Chhal (Bark) ...
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Ayurveda is Ancient Science Of Life style, it is World Oldest Healthcare System, Ayurvedic Products are made from Herbal Minerals etc. Natural ingredient gifted to mankind by nature on our Mother Earth, these raw materials herbs are organic procured by cultivation or from deep and dark forest , Plains, Mountain, sea and hills, sold by various traders, parts of herbs used in Ayurved preparations like fruit, leaf, bark, root, stem, flower, seed, tree, plant, nut, pod, beans, and panchaag, Ayurveda Preparations comes in various forms like Pak, Avleh, modak, Laddu, khand, kan, granules, paste, chutney, danedar, Powder, Pulver, Churn, fine Grinded churna, oil, ( tail, taila, tailam ), cream, ointment, gel, spray, capsule, tablet, liquid, syrup, Herbal tea, kwath ( kadha, leh, decoction ) ubtan, face mask, Face pack, juice, supplement, Ark etc. This product is from Kamdhenu laboratories an GMP Certified company, this product is 100% Pure and natural not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases, Ayurveda has many revitalizing products like Aporva tail, ashwagandha pak, ashwagandha powder, ashwgndhadhi churn, badam pak, Dhatupaushtik, kamdev churna, kaunch pak, musli pak, musli powder, paramveer pak, shatavaryadhi churn, shatawari powder, virya shodhan etc, it is recommend to consult physician before use, Store in Dark, cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight, tightly recap the container after every use, use within three months of opening of seal.



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