Khadi Mauri Herbal Purifying Cleansing Lotion, 210ml

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Directions: wash your face with water, pour lotion on cotton and then apply all over the face, especially on pimples/pigmentation. Wipe the excess lotion away. Khadi mauri herbal purifying cleansing lotion is a potent combination of strong antiseptic and detoxifying botanicals that cleanse skin of all the dirt, grime, toxins, make-up traces, infections and pollutants leaving behind a clean, fresh, healthy, well moisturized and problem free skin. Khadi mauri herbal range of ayurvedic products are purely natural and organic, prepared with the best quality natural extracts and ingredients. A product of maruti mahila swawlambi sansthan - these products are prepared by village woman at our gramodyog in Lucknow. Khadi mauri products are the best in quality and are much superior to what is available in the market in the same category. Infused with natural extracts, our products are 100% chemical free. Khadi mauri range of products are certified khadi products.



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