Krayons Gel Base Glossy Effect Nail Polish, 6ml Each, Pack of 4 (SIGNAL RED,NEON YELLOW,NEON GREEN,NEON ORANGE)

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Krayons Nail Paints are must whether you are partying out at disc or hanging out with friends.Why?Because Pampering yourself is important with these exoctic shades for getting selfies and lots of likes on facebook and instagram.Super shiny effect of krayons nail paints lasts longer, so nails will look just as good next weekend as they do this weekend.Get your hands on these high quality nail paints to rock the Look on your fingers.Top your tips with two to three coats of these quick drying colored polish for perfect looking nails.Swiping on these nail polish is like the day at the spa for your nails . Formula is loaded with Vitamin E to nourish dry nails.Its unique formula allows nail to breathe right through two coats with its eye catching trendy shades which will look lit during your favourite memorable moments.



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