LetShave Soft Touch 6 Body Razor Kit for Women (Blades - 4 Pieces, Razor Handle, Razor Cap, FREE Shaving Foam - 200 g)

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Looking for the world's first 6 blade technology for women Feeling that less count of blades is not the thing for your shaving needs Willing to try the trending change in the razor industry for women Try the soft touch 6 body razor specially designed to cater the body shaving needs of a women. 6 Sharp blades to provide you with the smooth shaving experience. Looking for smooth under arms, legs and bikini area. The soft touch 6 is designed with brush fingers to lift up your hair while you glide the soft touch 6 over your skin ensuring you a smoother skin and assuring an even close shave. For a even smoother shaving experience we provide the moisturizing band on the top as well as the bottom so that your skin gets hydrated while you shave. The moisturizing band is enriched with aloe vera, chamomile to ensure no burning sensation after you shave. The dual 3 blade technology offer a pivoting head for every contour go your body assuring no area is left while you shave along with pivoting head razor design. A special razor cap with every soft touch 6 body razor to ensure no damage the razor and complete protection while in transit. The non slip razor handle has an ergonomic design to give you the perfect grip that you desire while you shave. May it be in the shower or outside, the soft touch 6 handle will always give you the perfect grip while you shave. Still the desire for more is not satisfied Paraben and sulphate free 200 g shaving foam free for you to provide you with even smoother shaving experience. Shave foam creates a rich lather that acts as an effective cushion between the skin and the blades. Thus the razor will easily glide across your skin, softening the hairs and making it easier to shave.



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