Lilium D-Oxy Tan Scub for Skin Perfection Treatment 275g

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Typically created with smoothing herbal extracts, scrub cleaner penetrate pores to clear out dirt, lift away pore clogging dust and oil. It scrubs away the impurities and reveals a clear, glowing skin that looks fresh and youthful, and nourished. This is a product that is capable of making your skin much better than before. You just need to take a little quantity of the scrub for applying it on your face. How To Use: Apply scrub and massage gently with wet fingers and rinse off. Use once a week Cleanse your face & neck area gently and pat dry. Apply the de-tan scrub on your face and neck, be careful around the eye area. Gently massage with steady circular motions to exfoliate. Now rinse the scrub off your face thoroughly.



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