Malibu Tropical Flavour Lip Balm with SPF 30,4g for Women and Men

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Get rid of dark and discolored lips : Dark or discoloured lips is majorly because of many factors like excessive exposure to sun , smoking , pregnancy , certain medications or medical conditions ,lack of hydration , allergic reactions to toothpaste, lipstick etc , excess caffeine intake, lip sucking and vitamin deficiency. SFF 30 in Malibu Lip balm helps protect your natural lip colour from sun , smoking etc. Soothing ingredients in this lip balm reduce irritation of lips. As malibu lip balms are extra water resistant, they prevent lips from dehydration. Prevent dry & chapped Lips : Lip Protection from sun,wind or cold. Apply this soothing Lip Balm regularly to help prevent dry, chapped and dark lips Dermatologically tested, this lip balm is the safest lip balm that can be used by all the family members including Women, Men & Children SPF 30 provides extra protection from UVA/UVB rays Sweat & water resistant This is extremely resistant to sweat and water Can Men use this Lip Balm Yes, this lip balm is untinted lip balm meaning it doesn't colour your lips. So both Men & Women can use this Lip Balm. What are advantages of this Lip Balm for Men Lips of Men often gets dark or discolored because of various reasons like exposure to sun, smoking , lack of hydration etc. This lip balm helps in relieving the natural lip colour for Men. Can this change the lip colour to Pink This Lip Balm only helps in revealing the natural colour of your lips. Is it safe for Children use This is dermatologically tested lip balm. So this can be used safely by Children as well.



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