Man Matters Hair Fall Control DHT Blocker Shampoo | Strong and Smooth Hair For Men | 200 ml

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Man Matters brings a solution-oriented approach to men?s problems, be it hair, skin, weight, sex, or sleep. It presents expert science-based answers, backed by research and doctors, to uplift your ove ...


DHT BLOCKER FOR MEN: The Hormone Dihydrotestosterone, causes Male Pattern Baldness. We at Man Matters, a Holistic Health & Wellness Platform Led by Doctors, have crafted a DHT Blocker Shampoo exclusively for Men to strengthen men’s hair and Prevent Hair Fall. No more damaged or broken hair—your strands will transform to give strong, shiny, and smooth hair with regular use. Make this shampoo a part of your hair care routine to ensure faster hair growth and improved texture with denser hair. | NUTRIENT-PACKED FORMULA OF BIOTIN, ARGAN OIL AND CAFFEINE: Reduce hair fall, promote hair growth and maintain healthy hair with a nice soft sheen, our shampoo does it all. Biotin is a vitamin that stimulates hair growth, thickens your hair making it appear more lustrous. Caffeine blocks the DHT hormone, which is the major cause of hair loss in men. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E to strengthen, repair, hydrate and soften your hair to give a frizz-free look. | CLEANSES YOUR SCALP AND FOLLICLES TO REDUCE HAIR FALL: The first step to controlling hair loss is maintaining a healthy scalp. Our anti-hair fall shampoo cleans any dirt, dust and residue build-up on your scalp, a result of everyday exposure to pollution, making it hydrated and cleansed. The shampoo unblocks and stimulates blood circulation to your follicles for a moisturized, clean and healthier scalp. A nourished scalp resists hair breakage for shinier, and more resilient hair. | RENEWED CONFIDENCE FOR YOUR HAIR AND PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Forget being conscious of scanty or dandruff-clad hair. Our hair fall rescue shampoo is a one-stop solution for all men and hair types, ensured to make you more confident of your hair and overall physical appearance. Simply apply it to wet hair, massage into the scalp and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing to give your scalp the complete nourishment it deserves, and reducing hair fall during the wash. | LICENSED SAFE TO USE, FREE OF PARABENS AND SULPHATES: Our FDA-licensed shampoo is sulphate, SLS and paraben-free and is rid of any preservatives or harmful chemicals commonly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical shampoos. The mild shampoo is composed of pure and natural ingredients to provide a complete package of nourishment leading to control hair fall, promote growth, and maintain healthy lustrous hair.





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