Moha: Herbal Shampoo, 200 ml with Hair Serum, 30ml

Moha: Herbal Shampoo, 200 m...
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Moha: - herbal shampoo - trust Moha: - herbal shampoo to wash away the impurities and pollutants your hair is subjected to every day. A revitalizing mix of amla, aloe, Brahmi and bhringaraj, this shampoo reduces hair loss, cooling your scalp as it stimulates growth from the follicles. Key features - washes away the impurities and pollutants in your hair. Reduces hair loss. Cools your scalp. Stimulates growth from the follicles. Moha: - herbal hair conditioner - for gorgeous, silky hair, treat your hair to Moha: - herbal hair conditioner. It has an aloe that keeps the hair at an optimal ph., while almond oil and wheat germ oil are rich in vitamin e and fatty acids, to retain moisture. Jojoba oil forms a protective layer around each strand. Key features - makes hair silky and manageable. Keeps hair at an optimal ph. Keeps hair moisturized. Protects and promotes the health of each hair strand.



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