moha: Rejuvenating Massage Oil, 100ml

moha: Rejuvenating Massage ...
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Moha: rejuvenating massage oil does wonders to your body & mind. A calming blend of jojoba, almond, olive, sunflower, sesame and evening primrose oils, gently de-stresses and tones your skin, leaving behind a nourished radiance. Almond oil helps protect skin by acting as conditioner to skin, promoting clear, youthful complexion. Olive oil helps skin cells to rejuvenate and repair, improving skin’s suppleness and elasticity. Evening primrose oil helps restore youthfulness while improving general well-being. Jojoba oil brings back the lost glow, shine, and smoothness, unclogs the pores, thereby cleaning the skin impurities. Sunflower oil offers a range of benefits including skin softening, moisturizing and soothing and prevents skin damage due to pollution.



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