Morpheme Remedies Bhringraj, Onion & Black Seed Hair Shampoo + Bhringraj, Onion & Black Seed Conditioner (300ml Each)

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Morpheme Remedies Bhringraj Onion Black Seed Conditioner is the perfect choice for conditioning the dry, dull, brittle hair. The creamy conditioner helps hair stressed and weakened by frequent application of heat and chemical treatment or dehydrated and damaged due to exposure to environmental pollution and harsh weather elements to regain its healthy texture. It conditions, nourishes, protects and strengthens the hair, and adds smoothness and sheen to the tresses. By amalgamating the ancient secrets of hair care with modern scientific studies, we have created a novel hair conditioning product that suits all types of hair. 

Natural Hair Rejuvenators

The important constituents of the conditioner bhringraj extract, red onion oil and black seed oil are acclaimed as potent hair growth boosters in the ancient Indian texts. Their ability to stimulate hair growth is validated by few scientific studies. The combined effect of these natural ingredients may help in building strong healthy hair.

Morpheme Remedies Bhringraj, Onion and Black Seed Shampoo combines cleansing with intense hair care. This novel product infused with the finest quality organic cold-pressed plant oils and premium botanical extracts purifies, nourishes, rehydrates and rejuvenates the scalp and hair roots to help your hair regain its luster, volume and strength. Best result is attained by pairing this fabulous shampoo with Morpheme Remedies Bhringraj Onion Black Seed Conditioner. The combined effect of the shampoo and conditioner is tangle-free, strong, smooth gorgeous hair.

Ancient Secret of Hair Care

Morpheme Remedies Bhringraj, Onion and Black Seed Shampoo comes with special herbal ingredients recognized for their ability to enhance the health of the scalp and hair.


Gentle Moisturizing Shampoo: Morpheme Remedies Bhringraj Onion Black Seed Shampoo gently removes dirt, chemical buildups and grease, and leaves hair perfectly clean without drying it out. | Strengthens Hair: Enriched with bioactive constituents known for their hair growth potential such as bhringraj, onion oil and black seed cold pressed oil, it helps to strengthen hair and may reduce excess hair fall. | Smooth & Manageable Hair: Precious plant oils in the shampoo restore the moisture barrier of the scalp and hair, thereby adding smoothness to the tresses, reducing frizzes, increasing resilience and making hair more manageable. | Healthy Hair: This is the perfect shampoo for the dry, damaged, thinning hair prone to breakage and split ends. Nevertheless, this shampoo suits all types of hair and helps in keeping your crowning glory healthy and beautiful. | Safe for Frequent Use: Free from mineral oil, sulphate and harmful chemicals, this natural ingredients rich shampoo is mild enough for daily use. When used frequently, it is known to encourage healthy hair growth.





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