MR Ayurveda 100% Organic Fenugreek Powder | Methi Powder | Hair & Skin Care, 100 Grams

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MR Ayurveda Fenugreek Powder is 100% Pure and Natural and very well known for its benefits to Hair and Skin. Application On Hair In The Form Of A Paste Can Be The Ultimate Solution For Many Hair Problems. Main Benefits: 1. Works as a Natural Anti-dandruff Solution 2. Provides Natural Gloss & Shine to the Hair 3. Keeps Hair and Scalp Healthy 4. Gives Soft, Shiny and Smooth Hair 5. Gives Radiant Glow to the Skin 6. Smoothens the Skin by removing Dry and Dead Skin Cells. How to Apply: Mix MR Ayurevda Fenugreek Powder with enough warm water to get a thin Consistent Paste. Apply the Mixture on your Hair & Skin and Allow it to Dry for 35-40 Mins and Wash it. Use Thrice a week for Magical Results.



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