Mystiq Living Originals - Neem Oil, 220ML | Hair & Skin | Cold Pressed, 100% Pure and Natural

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Mystiq Living's Neem oil is 100% pure, cold pressed from the best quality seed of the tropical neem tree without employing heat or adding refining agents. It is packed in its natural unrefined state for the highest nutrient retention possible.Mystiq Living's Neem Oil is rich in fatty acids (EFA), limonoids, vitamin E, triglycerides & antioxidants.


100% Natural and Cold Pressed Plant Extract. Free from Paraben, Sulphate, Hexane, Fillers, Mineral Oils. No Artificial Fragrance and Not Tested On Animals | HAIR CARE: Neem oil is one of the best natural remedy for head lice. It also protects hair against environmental toxins | SKIN CARE: Contains carotenoids that accelerate skin's protection against free radicals. It soothes red, itchy & inflamed skin. | BODY MASSAGE: It has antiseptic, anti fungal and antihistamine properties. Prevents cellular damage & relieves redness and swelling. | ABOUT MYSTIQ LIVING: Mystiq Living is an attempt to harness the healing power of nature for human well being. Healing properties of plant extracted oils are known to alter our physical, mental and emotional well-being by strengthening our bodies own natural processes. Mystiq Living has brought this nature's magic to you in its purest and un-adulterated form, so that you can recreate harmony with nature, heal and rejuvenate.





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