N M Z Women's Razor Blade Hair Removal Disposable blades 6 PC Safty Stainless blade Wet Use shaving razor

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New designed women razor blade system
Women's Razor Blade changes traditonal razor constructions
we use advanced stainless steel 1 blade with safe cap protecting blades from dirty
silicon teeth behind blade with white non-slip handle
all keeps razor blade close to your skin
All hair will slid along the teeth avoiding hair jam, small razor fit for any angle of your body
bring your different shaving experience then ever before
Enjoy the disposable razors,you need to know

? How to use disposable razor?

disposable razors don't require any refills; just use and toss when you're ready for a new one.>br>1.Remove protective cap.
2.To avoid shaving over uneven skin,pull the skin tight.
3.Pull razor with minium pressure over the skin.
4.Remove hair from the razor comb during shaving to ensure optimal performance. Congratulations! You are now ready to get the best shaving and hair removal experience

?Safe for Sentive Skin

Women razor blade needs your minimum pressrue over skin /no need razor lubricant as optimal shaver blades for sensitive skin.
Besides, straight razor handle surface equipped with non-slip convex line and bulges, which offers a steady grip and comfortable control.
Mini razors slip easily into purse, cosmetic bag and gym bag. If you are looking for a travel razor, this is definitely the best choice.


Brand Name: N M Z
Color: Multi
Use:Bikini, Body, Face, Underarms
Material:Stainless Steel + Fiber
Item type:blade
Model Number:Manual Hair Shaver
Package: 1



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