Nature Trail Citrus Blast Natural Handwash with Olive Oil & Essential Oils, Sulphate & Paraben Free Hand Wash, 200 ml

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Change the way you wash your hands!!! Rethink your hand soap

Nature Trail Hand Soap is a line of premium personal care products. Our products are guaranteed to be effective and family safe. We pride ourselves in having formulations which are pure and free from any harsh chemicals, petroleum, or animal-based ingredients.

Synthetic Fragrance Free. Made with Pure Essential Oils

We only use pure essential oils to scent our products so you can enjoy the beauty of aromatherapy every time you use NATURE TRAIL hand soap. We have always been-and always will be-free from synthetic fragrances and the harmful additives that often hide within them.

The Soother Hand Soap

The Lemongrass Hand Soap from Nature Trail gently removes impurities while rebalancing the skin. The unique formula soothes your skin for a relaxing wash experience. Inspired by nature and infused with potent ingredients, this hand wash is for all skin types and is made with all natural ingredients. Citrus Blast made with three essential oils of lemon,orange and bergamot provides a citrus,elegant aroma with mild tone.

Our Natural Hand Soap is tough enough for grease, gentle enough for children, and pure enough to biodegrade in the environment.

Safe & Gentle, 100% Guaranteed

?? Safely and effectively clean your hands with the natural power of plants and minerals

?? Fortified with Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Glycerine to naturally moisturize and balance your skin

?? No triclosan, parabens, phosphates, SLS, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, animal by-products, petrochemicals, perfumes, dyes, or caustics

?? Natural, non-toxic, gluten-free, and vegan.



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