Nature's Secret DIY Natural Hair Pack Powder for Fast Hair Growth, Green, 250 g

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How To Use :-
What Are The Product Ingredients :-
Clove Powder
Amla Powder
Kalonji Powder
Dry Onion Powder
Fenugreek Powder
Curry Leaves Powder
Lemon Peel Lemon
Hibiscus Powder
How To Prepare :-

Take 2Tb Spoon Of Currry Leaves Powder And Add To It All The Other Powder In Equal Proportions Of 1Tb Spoon Each Except Lemon Peel Powder, Take Lemon Peel Powder (Half Spoon) Now Mix The Powder Well And Then Add One Spoon Olive Oil, Coconut Oil And Honey (For Better Result) And Required Amount Of Hot Water To Make A Fine Paste And Leave For At Least 2Hrs Or If You Like Overnight. This Will Bring Out The Extracts From The Ingredients And Make It Double Effective.

Apply The Paste All Over Your Scalp And Length Of Your Hair And Leave It For At Least 1Hr. Then Wash Off And Shampoo. Use This Pack Regularly Once A Week.

Benefits :
1) Eradicates Dandruff
2) Provides Nutrition To The Hair Root And Thus Makes It Strong
3) Prevents Hair Loss
4) Promotes Hair Growth
5) Stops Spilitting Of Hair
6)Remedy For Dull And Dry Hair
7) Makes The Hair Soft, Silky And Bouncy
8) Improves The Texture And General Health Of Your Hair

This Is The Real Natural Techniques To Care You Valuable Hair Naturally.
No Added Any Chemical,
No Added Any Preservatives,
No Added Any Color.



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