Nature's Secret White Light Kaolin Clay Powder for Skin Face Mask, White, 250 g

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White kaolin clay is the gentlest and thus great for sensitive dry skin. It doesn't absorb so much as it does soften with super gentle bits for a mild exfoliation.

This can be more circulation-boosting, so you'll probably find it in a lot of brightening masks. Red kaolin clay has the most absorbing powers of the bunch and is best for oily skin. This is a great addition for acne/detoxifying masks for the face or body. Pink kaolin clay is pretty much a mixture of the white and red kaolin clays, making it an idea balance for those with sensitive skin that needs a bit of oil-vacuuming and gentle exfoliation.

Benefits of Kaolin Clay for Skin
Soothes sensitive skin
Detoxes skin and removes impurities from deep within the pores
Pushes out excess oils and stale sebum in the skin
Good for dry skin
Fights acne
Exfoliates dead cells with its slightly abrasive texture and high amount of silica
Nourishes skin
Softens rough skin
Loosens blackheads
Stimulates blood circulation in the skin
Tightens, tones and firms skin
Shrinks large pores
Promotes youthful skin



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