Nature's Tattva Raw Mango Unprocessed and Unrefined Butter, 100g

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Raw mango butter unprocessed and unrefined, 100gm raw mango butter is unrefined and unprocessed version of the cosmetic grade mango butter. It is the most untouched raw version of mango butter and therefore may not smell the same as the cosmetic grade and will also have a brownish tinge instead of the white color of the cosmetic variety. Being untouched and raw, this mango butter has much higher quality than the cosmetic counterpart. Super antioxidant mango butter is not only deeply moisturising like shea and cocoa but packed full of natural antioxidants which bring skin alive, use in creams, lotions and gels. Uses mango butter shares a lot of the same uses as shea and cocoa butter, however the fatty acid profile varies slightly with an enhanced level of anti-oxidants and vitamins. As with our other butters, use directly on the skin as a replacement to massage oils for a truly luxurious experience, which provides a slower slip rate than traditional oils and deeply nourishes the skin. The lighter nature of mango butter makes it a popular choice for neck, facial and foot areas, where shea and cocoa butters can be a little too heavy. specification has skin softening, soothing and moisturizing properties helps to combat dry skin helpful in protecting the skin from the weather and uv radiation reported to benefit sunburn, rashes and stretch marks contains anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties.



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