Naturoman 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Flax Seed/Alsi Carrier Oil, 30 ml

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The Naturoman brings to you the purest forms of oil, extracted from the traditional methods. We serve a wide range of 100 % Cold Pressed and Essential Oil for your Body and Soul, without any added preservatives. Flax Seed Oil: Naturoman Pure Flax Seed Oil is derived from flax seeds also known as linseed. It is one of the oldest fiber crops cultivated and is now famous in the modern world because of its excellent health benefits. The oil is entirely Cold-pressed which means no heat treatment is used in the extraction process; thereby preserving all nutrients.

  • Flaxseed oil is nature's richest source of omega-3 fatty acids and thus highly recommended for your general well being and whole body nutrition.
  • For vegetarians, it is one-of-the-only sources of plant omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Today flaxseeds, seeds of the flax plant, are best known for the oil that is obtained by pressing them.
  • This highly therapeutic oil has over its long history earned a solid reputation for treating a range of illnesses.
  • The essential fatty acids (omega oils) are one of its key healing components.
  • Essential fatty acids work throughout the body protecting cell membranes, thereby maintaining their efficiency at permitting healthy substances and barring any unhealthy ones.


The high fibre content of flaxseed oil means that the digestive system gets regulated | Our flaxseed oil is extracted using only the quality organic seeds and entirely organic processes. Flaxseed oil should be refrigerated to avoid rancidity | Dry eyes can be prevented with the consistent use of flaxseed oil in the diet | Using flaxseed oil one of the top choices for improved skin health in general and pesky skin problems like eczema





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