NESA 7 Pcs Make Brush Kit with Sleek Pouch + Makeup Sponge (Gold)

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7pcs Make Up Brush Set Eye shadow Eyelash Eyeliner Lipstick Foundation Makeup Tools Features: 1. Brush tip up elaborately, even if unfold them, still in alignment and show perfect. 2. Protective Roll-up Holder bag 3. Suitable for Professional use or Home use 4. The handy display/holder keeps everything organized and in easy reach 5. Easy to stick powder, natural color, rendering uniform 6. With proper care, your brushes can be enjoyed for years. Specifications: * Colors: Multi Colors as picture show * Material: High Quality Goat hair, Nylon material and soft Synthetic * Handle: Wood * Professional Makeup Brush 7PCS (Brush length: 12.5cm to 14.2cm) * Dimensions of the case (Approx): 8.3cm x 18cm (unfold) (L x W) * Dimensions of the case (Approx): 8.3cm x 23.1cm (fold) (L x W) Package Includes: * 1x 7pcs Make Up Brush Kit With Leather Case (color as picture) + Free Makeup Sponge



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