Newish® Hair Wax Men Strong Hold 100gm

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Newish zero gravity clay hair wax is a strong-hold styling product loaded with natural ingredients to make sure you get the modern and effortless strong hold to look you want. It?s the easiest way to get a look you?ll be proud of in front of your crew without any hassles or messes from other complicated men's styling products and tools. Made with high-end natural ingredients.Long-lasting, easy to wash, water soluble, clear formula. Premium high-quality product, works with all hair types. For a perfectly tousled classic look that looks natural, you don?t want a grooming product that shines to give away your hard work. With the minimal shine from this hair wax, you?ll get a nearly matte finish so you don?t have to worry about your intentionally messy look actually looking international.



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