Niks Premium Dish Washing Gel 5 Ltrs for better cleaning and Shining. (for manual and Dishwasher)

Niks Premium Dish Washing G...
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NIKS famous for the "Home & Kitchen" Products with its Finest Quality in Home Furnishing and Decor. Niks Dish Washing Gel kills Germs 99.99% and Keep Germs Away From Utensil .Easy To Make and Easy To Use .That can be used for cleaning utensil .It is so strong that only 1 spoonful cleans an entire sink full of dirty utensils.It has a great fragrance helping remove bad food odor from utensils. Leaving you with fresh, clean smelling utensils every time .1 spoon of NIKS Dish Washing Gel is all you need to remove the toughest of grease from your utensils. Dishwash bars not only leave white residue on your utensils after wash but can also damage or scratch your expensive cookware's delicate surfaces such as non stick or ceramic.Extra Thickness Makes Less Consumption.Leaves No Soapy foam and Smell on Utensils . NIKS dish washing gel with its special formulation ensures that the toughest of grease is removed with ease without damaging your expensive cookware.So go ahead, give it a try



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