Nisha Cream hair color (150 ml/each) with Rich, Bright, Long Lasting Shine Hair Color smooth care for your precious hair! GOLDEN BLONDE 8.1 (Pack of 2)

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Nisha Crème Hair Color is a crème-based hair color with the benefits of Sunflower, Avocado and Henna extracts, these herbs constitute a perfect blend for hair color. This nourishing hair color not only covers your greys but also makes your hair soft, silky and stylish. This rich, bright & long lasting color is available in 13 beautiful shades.

All shades are ammonia free except Fashion/Blonde Shades


Package includes- Nisha 2x90 ml Developer Bottle, Nisha 2x60gm hair Colorant Tube, 3x2 sachets of 6 ml/each Conditioner, 2 pair hand gloves and 2 instruction leaflet for home use. | Nourishing Cream hair color with the goodness of Argan oil and green tea extract. | Color protect conditioner ensures prolonged color-stay on hair. Specially designed for smooth care of your precious hair. | Specially designed for smooth care of your precious hair. 100 % Grey coverage. | Available in 13 shades - NATURAL BLACK 1, DARK BROWN 3, CHOCOLATE BROWN 3.5, NATURAL BROWN 4, GOLDEN BROWN 4.3, LIGHT BROWN 5, HONEY BLONDE 7.3, GOLDEN BLONDE 8.1, BURGUNDY 3.16, MAHOGANY 5.5, COPPER RED 5.64, FLAME RED.





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