Noy ® Quick Dry One Stroke Glossy Color Nail Paint Combo (Violet, Brown, Nude, Light Grey, Pink, Nude, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Red, Carrot Pink, Nude, 6 ml Each) - Set of 12

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NOY is a registered brand in India and very affordable brand for nail polishes. From the youth's to the old ladies, everyone loves to paint their nails with wonderful nail colours. And who doesn't love colouring up their nails with some astonishingly wonderful colours? Talking about India, Indian ladies love to makeup and remain up to date with the flourishing beauty market. Better called 'solah shringar' is the ultimate style statement for the Indian women.

Noy nail paints, have done wonders on its application. Every women loves to try on new colours shades and Noy has collection of more than 150 plus beautiful shades. In this combo you will find 12 different shades and all are amazing, quick dry.

This year, switch it up this season by mixing in a palette of bright, vibrant Noy Nail Paint colors to your standard classic, creamy tones. Ahead, the 12 coolest new nail polish colors to keep in rotation all seasons.There are more plenty of reasons to love NOY nail paints, starting with the high pigmented formula that goes on smooth and stays that way. We have an impressively wide range of shades, plus comes in textures and special effects.

this popular combo includes all modern shades like

Violet Nail Paint,Brown Nail Paint,Nude Nail Paint,Light Grey Nail Paint,Pink Nail Paint,Nude Nail Polish,Maroon Nail Polish,Orange Nail Polish,Pink Nail Polish,Red Nail Polish,Carrot Pink Nail Polish,Nude Nail Polish



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