O3+ Derma Fresh Cream SPF 40 for Moisturizing & Brightening Skin, 50g

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This item is used only for Dry Skin. Delivering lasting protection and moisturization to your skin, O3+ Derma Fresh - SPF 40 PA+++ improves your skin's complexion and texture. Provides Glow Imparting a natural glow to your skin, this cream gives intense nourishment. Reinvents Skin Reinventing your skin by detoxifying it and repairing the cells, this cream maintains its suppleness. Formulation Researched and Developed by Dermatologists Proven to be clinically safe, this cream is developed by dermatologists after an extensive research. Daily Use Derma Fresh - SPF 40 PA+++ soothes your skin in a unique way and is ideal for daily use. Protects Skin Keeping you shaded from the glaring rays of the sun, this cream protects your skin from tanning and darkening.



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