Oil Spirit Ayurvedic Hair Oil - 100 Ml - 10 DAYS RESULT HAIR OIL

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POWERFUL NOURISHMENTS....AMAZING RESULTS... "OIL SPIRIT AYURVEDIC HAIR OIL" A revolutionary hair oil,1 st time in India is an elegant bland of essential ingredients which combines ancient and modern science . It is an powerful nourishments to hair which gives amazing results and stops all kind of hair and scalp problems. It cures hair fall, dandruff, splitting of hair, graying of hair, rough and dry hair etc. This hair oil contains various types of oil which is needed to your hair in proportion. They are almond, walnut, mustard ,sesame, castor, with Essential oil like Argan, Tee Tree, Rosemary, Lavender with Rose Petals, Brahmi, Avla, Shikakai ,Aritha, Jatmanshi, Nagarmotha and Various Other Jadibutties. Use Twice a week ,Leave Overnight And Wash With Recommended Shampoo So Apply This Wonderfull Oil To Transform Your Life Of Hair Into A New Era Of Strong,Healthy,Long Lasting Hair.


Herbal Hair Oil Which Contains Essential oil Like Argan,Tee tree,Rosemarry,Lavander . | Almond,Wallnut,coconut oil To Boost hair growth. | Results Can be Seen in 2 to 3 application only omega three is usefull for dandruff and freeziness of hair.





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