Omved Organic Sweet Almond Virgin Oil - 100% Pure & Cold-Pressed, 200 ml

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Almond oil is one of the best oils for almost all kinds of skin disorders. When you consider its countless benefits, Omved Sweet Almond Oil is nothing less than miraculous. Among its many advantages such as being perfect for skin and hair massage and sun-blocking properties, it is also known to:

  • Moisturize dry/damaged skin
  • Help get a brighter even skin tone
  • Lighten marks on the skin
  • Nourish dry hair and scalp
  • Be an effective anti-oxidant
  • Be an anti-aging agent

Omved Sweet Almond Oil is a repository of vitamins, minerals and a storehouse of nutrients. This cold-pressed virgin Sweet Almond Oil is abundantly moisturizing in nature and meant for various uses. It can easily become your multipurpose base oil for irritated and dry skin, to clear dead skin cells and stretch marks.

Why Omved cold-pressed virgin Almond Oil?

Extraction of oil under extreme heat and pressure kills its natural bio-active nutrients. But we ensure that Omved pure virgin, Sweet Almond Oil is extracted through the natural method of cold-pressing. It is extracted without the use of any additives, preservatives or colorants.

Thus we ensure maximum retention of volatile nutrients such as Omega 9, Omega 6 and Phytosterols naturally present in the almond oil. Omved Almond Oil is 100% pure and therapeutic-grade. In short, it is the best that you can get!


100% PURE, NATURAL & VEGAN INDIAN FORMULATION - Omved Almond Oil is 100% pure and therapeutic-grade prepared by Cold pressed from best quality raw almonds. | NATURALLY RICH IN NUTRIENTS - Cold Pressed ensures retention of volatile nutrients such as Omega 9, Omega 6 and Phytosterols naturally present in the almond oil. | 100% NON-TOXIC & CHEMICAL-FREE -No mineral oil, paraben, sulphate, silicon, colours and fragrance. Hexane free, chemicals free, synthetic ingredients free | BENEFITS - Strengthens hair roots and prevents scalp infections, Moisturize dry/damaged skin and reduces pigmentation, Reduces wrinkles, age spots and fine lines, Brightens even skin tone, Effective anti-oxidant with Anti-aging properties





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