Organo Gold Organic Red Onion Hair Treatment Conditioner-200 ml | 18 In 1 Magical Conditioner With Vitamin E, Hibiscus, Amla & Aloe Vera -SLS, Paraben & Chemical Free

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Let your tresses discover rich strength, smoothness and luster with Organo Gold Red Onion Black Seed Oil Conditioner. The conditioner has a blend of natural ingredients that aids in transforming your hair texture and shine. It also helps to strengthen hair follicles, reduce hair fall, repair and protect damaged hair. Suitable for all hair types, this conditioner can be used to add moisture and condition your hair and scalp. It helps to strengthen the strands and improve hair texture. It is infused with red onion extract with strong antioxidant properties that help to protect the hair and promote blood circulation to the roots. Black seed oil, rich in fatty acids, helps to form a protective barrier on the strands. Wheat protein aids in keeping hair conditioned and adding shine. It can be used to help make hair look healthy and lustrous. Say hello to smooth, lush, glossy hair with Organo Gold Red Onion Black Seed Oil Conditioner. Help revive your weak, limp strands with this conditioner. Red onion extract and black seed oil help to improve hair health. Use this conditioner after every wash to help improve hair texture, add volume and shine.


Velvety Smooth & Silky Hair- Packed with natural conditioning ingredients, Organo Gold Red Onion Hair Conditioner intensely moisturizes the hair and smoothes the frizzes. It reduces tangles, minimizes the split ends & hair breakage, tames flyaway hair, softens dry hair and makes hair more manageable. | Nourishes & Protects - Enriched with the premium-quality botanical extracts and loaded with vital nutrients, the hair conditioner supplies superior nourishment to the tresses that help to repair the damaged hair and decrease the risk of further hair damage. | Gentle & Safe - This hair conditioner is free from sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, and silicone. It is a gentle formula suitable for daily use and helps maintain hair in its healthy state. | Suits all hair types - The lightweight hair conditioner is ideal for all types of hair texture. | It is a nourishing and moisturizing conditioner suitable for all hair types and dan be used after every shampoo to support strengthening hair care.





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