Oriental Botanics Smoky Rose & Geranium Handmade Luxury Soap, 125 g (ORBOT35)

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This luxurious handcrafted soap is made with ingredients that are known to work wonders for the skin. Its sweet floral aroma, a blend of smoky rose oil and geranium oil, lifts the mind. It guarantees a revitalizing bathing experience. Your skin will feel and look great after shower.

Smoky Rose & Geranium Essential Oils:
The sweet scent of the essential oils uplifts your dampened spirit. Rose and Geranium essential oil are blessed with a number of beauty benefits. The antimicrobial property of rose oil helps in healing skin breakouts. It is known to improve absorption of nutrients into the skin. Geranium essential oil is a premium anti-aging essential oil. It helps to tighten the facial skin, improves moisture balance and reduces appearance of wrinkles. It also helps protect the skin from infection-causing microorganisms through its antibacterial and antifungal activities.

Pure Plant Oil:
With saponified organic extra virgin olive oil as the soap base, the skin retains its healthy oil balance. The moisture barrier is further strengthened with pure plant oils produced through the cold-pressed extraction method. Sesame oil, castor oil, mahua oil and coconut oil are excellent nutrient-rich emollients. They deliver fatty acids and nutrients that enhance the skin tone and increase elasticity.

Kaolin Clay:
Kaolin clay absorbs impurities and toxins. It has a soothing effect on the skin. Inclusion of the cosmetic clay in the moisturizing soap ensures that the skin does not feel greasy.

A Unique Product:
Our soap has combined cleansing with skin care. It has been carefully crafted to protect the heat-sensitive precious nutrients.



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