Origenz Premium Bhringraj Powder for Hair Care 100gm (Hair Pack)

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Origenz Premium Bhringraj Leaf Powder for Hair Care 100gm (Hair Pack)


? PURE & NATURAL: Completely Pure Bhringraj Powder that has no added chemicals, Synthetic additives or any other kind of impurities to be precise. Bhringraj Powder is made from drying and powdering handpicked organically grown bhringraj leaves for use on hair. | ? HEALTHY HAIR CARE: Use Bhringraj natural herbal powder for getting strong & shiny hair. Presence of haritaki in Bhringraj helps in lending hair colour back. | ? How to Use Bhringraj Powder: Mix a spoon of Origenz Bhringraj powder with water/hair oil (Preferably Coconut Oil). Mix it into a fine paste. Apply this to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash it off. | ? Pack Contains: 100gm Bhringraj Leaf Powder for Hair (in Pet Jar). | ? NOTE: Patch Test is advisable – Apply the mixture on your forearm, if you experience redness or any other signs of irritation, wash the area with water. It is advisable to close the cap of the bottle tightly after every use to protect the product from moisture & humidity which will restrict any lump formation in powder.





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