OUT OF BOX Make Up Cosmetic Foundation Power Sponge

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1. 100% new brand. 2. Easy to use and bring you flawless foundation. Square sponge is more convenient for eye and nose make up. 3. Clean the puff once a week and air dry. 4. Storage condition: avoid high temperature & direct sunlight. 5. If it became deformed, Please throw it away and use a new one. 6. Package: 2 pair (2 piece of square and 2 piece of round) Usage: 1). Wash clean the power puff. 2). Dip some foundation with power puff, on the forehead and cheeks. 3). Push from the inside perimeter foundation evenly to your whole face, with a little water can reach a better look. Note: If used daily, we recommend washing your sponge once a week with a mild cleanser.



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