Park Avenue Deodorant Buy 2 Get 1 Free (140ml *3)

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Take on an endless voyage of senses, with this sultry body spray for men, from Park Avenue. Captivating and ethereal, this is the scent of a man who is cool and confident in his own skin. The alluring notes keep your calm and tranquil all day long, brings your senses alive and makes your charm irresistible. Signifying a man who is a keeper for life Park Avenue Voyage Signature is your pick if you are as swanky in formal meetings, as you are in your casual meetings, the composed demean our never leaving you. Entrenched in a classic black and white encasing, with Park Avenue embossed, this one sure to lift your senses for the day. This body spray for men is sexy, sassy, smart, and totally enticing. Spritz it on, after a cool shower in the morning, for a day of freshness, combined with an alluring punch of notes.



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