Pindia Set of 50Pc Disposable Compressed Towel Portable Face Care Face Cleaning Wipes Mini Cotton Hand Towel/Tissue

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Just add water and watch the magic unfold" A new environment-friendly product which can be used on the total Globe!.Tablet Tissue is a concept to present your guests a cold or hot towel in a unique and innovative way.The compressed TABLET Tissue will expand into a full size napkin when a little water is added, which changes the common use of a napkin into an entertaining experience.100% Pulp Rayon And Is Safe For All Skin Types. Revolutionized The Overall Process Of Using Wipes & Tissues. Due To Its Compressed Form And Small Coin Size, The Tablet Napkin Could Easily Fit In A Purse, Glove Compartment Or Even A Backpack. It Is A Product With Universal Application Being Used In Many Different Sectors Like: Hospitality, Corporate, Airline, Medical And Of Course General Household.



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