Pink Line Liquid Matte Me Lipstick 15gm, Orange Vodka

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Pink Line Liquid Matte Me Lipstick 15gm, Orange Vodka


Intense color and long stay without drying lips. Lipstick moisturizes the lips due to rich ingredients like Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps in the growth of new skin cells. Thus it makes the lips softer. Ingredients are carefully chosen for long stay and better results. | Complete matt yet creamy texture to lips with Pink line Matte Lipstick. Instantly glides on lips and does not dry out lips after long duration. Initial creamy texture eventually settles down to ultra matt finish | Easy to use applicator and true colors shows in just one application. Exfoliate lips before applying for smooth matt texture of the color. Blot and reapply lipstick for excellent coverage | Dermatologically tested and free from animal cruelty. Be it a bright fuchsia pink or dark chocolate brown color, it pays off well and ensures to make other’s head turn in awe. | For the finished look you want on your lips, you will not feel anything when wearing this lipstick. Its creamy formulation makes it lipstick and extremely matt without drying your lips.





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