Qraa Men Haldi Chandan Face Scrub for Skin Brightening/Lightening with Turmeric Oil & Sandalwood

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Experience the best of skin exfoliation with the super beneficial ?Qraa men haldi chandan face scrub?. enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like sandalwood extracts, turmeric extracts, walnut shell beads, almond oil and moringa butter etc. Using this powerful scrub not only helps cleanse the skin in a deep way, but it helps do away with dead skin, impurities, dirt and dust in an all round manner and in addition, helps do away with blackheads effectively. It reduces pimples, acnes and other breakouts and in the endeavour helps lighten stubborn acne and pimple marks, spots and blemishes. The beneficial goodness of components helps add to the health and texture of the skin that helps heals the skin while revitalising it from the core. Therefore, using this scrub can get you a healthier skin with that of added glow.



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