QYKKARE Premium Indigo Leaf Powder (Pure) Natural Hair Colorant (100Grams)

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QYKKARE 100% best organic Indigo Powder for hair is made up with Indigofera Tinctoria. This happens to be 100% Natural Hair Colour as it is extracted and made from Natural Indigo Leaves. This amazing product is the perfect solution for Hair Care. It helps in providing for the complete nourishment of the Scalp and Hair Follicles. This product also helps to treat Dandruff in the most natural manner and also helps to do away with a number of Scalp related problems and it also works as Hair Treatment and prevents Hairfall. Further, it provides for an effective natural conditioner for the Hair and makes them Shiny. With its multipurpose benefits, this product is 100% safe and doesn't cause skin allergies and has no side effects. So, Choose QYKKARE 100% Organic herbal natural Indigo Powder that colour with care in the best possible way and experience a total Haircare treatment with this amazing Natural Hair Care Product.



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