Rawnature Natural Red Clay Body Wash For Normal-Dry Skin | Mineral-Rich Brazilian Red Clay | Fights Pollution | For Youthful Skin | 265 Ml

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The Blend

Natural Score: 98.98%

Moisturizes | Deep Cleanses | Fights Pollution | Maintains skin's PH Balance | Formulated for Daily Use

Consisting of rare minerals from the core of the earth, this body wash harnesses the nourishing powers of the Brazilian Volcanic Red Clay. It deep cleanses while also balancing the moisture and PH level in the skin.

This invigorating body wash dramatically improves skin texture. The ultimate body wash for protected, supple and smooth skin. "


Rawnature Body wash: Moisturizes. Deep cleanses. Fights pollution. Maintains skins pH balance | Recommended daily use for best results. | Dispense a dollop of the body wash onto your wet palms. Massage it on the body. Rinse off with water. Use loofah for best results. | Volcanic red clay. Cleanses in depth, removes impurities as well as excess sebum and oiliness, tightens pores and prevents the formation of black spots. | Package Contents: 1 Body wash





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