Rey Naturals Lavender Essential Oil - Pure 100% Natural Lavandula Angustifolia Extract - Healthier Skin and Hair - Calming Bath or Massage for Restful Sleep - Diffuser-Ready for Aromatherapy - 15 ml

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Rey naturals lavender oil is considered as the best-available diffuser oil in the market since its aroma is quite sedative and pleasing. List of usage: Bath oil: Put few drops of rey naturals lavender essential oil in your bathing water to avail relaxed state of the mind, body and soul. Hair care: Mix few drops of rey naturals lavender essential oil in your preferred carrier oil. Gently apply over the scalp and hair to avoid dandruff. Diffuser: Add few drops of rey naturals lavender essential oil in an oil burner or aroma diffuser to spread pleasing aroma in the interiors. Good night sleep: Put a couple of drops over your pillow before going to sleep for enjoying a deep calming good night's sleep. Laundry: Soak few drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball or wet tissue and place that in the almirah to freshen and deodorize the clothes. Irresistible source of aroma: Rey naturals lavender oil is the perfect choice for use with aroma diffusers and oil burners to promote a sense of calmness within the interiors. Ultimate solution for skin: Owing to its antibacterial natural and other therapeutic properties, it makes the perfect choice for application over the skin to attain a clean, clear, healthy and blemish-free look. Removes stale odours from interiors: It is the perfect solution to remove bad odours from the kitchen, bathrooms, offices and other places. Natural hair care oil: When it is about caring the hair through natural solutions available, lavender oil makes the perfect companion. It does wonders in hair to provide silky, shiny, smooth and stronger hair.



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