Rivona Naturals Honey & Saffron Fairness Face Wash for Skin Whitening & Deep Cleansing, Daily use for Men & Women - 100 ML, Pack of 4 (Paraben & SLS Free)

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Insta natural fairness is all you need to maintain a fresh look all day and every day. Honey and saffron are two main ingredients that ensure proper softening and moisturizing of the skin. Saffron, especially has been proven to be highly effective in making the skin look radiant, glowing and without blemish. It is also about the most expensive herb on earth. Honey is well known as natural antioxidant that helps even skin tone & repair all cell damages in the skin. The antimicrobial properties in honey also helps in the prevention of infections. This product is suitable for all types of skins and it is good for deep cleansing purposes. RIVONA NATURALS honey & saffron face wash is highly necessary if you want to pamper your face as it provides gentle and deep cleansing. With two very important and highly effective natural ingredients, RIVONA NATURALS honey & saffron face wash is an effective skin care solution that helps give your skin a brighter tone, smooth texture and a refreshing look. The goal of using insta natural fairness face wash is not to only refresh your skin, It helps to keep germs away from your skin and maintain an overall healthy skin. RIVONA NATURALS is a brand of exclusive and unique personal grooming and body care products made from the best natural ingredients.



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