Roop Mantra Combo Face Care Kit For Skin Lightening, Brightening & Tightening (Fairness Face Cream 60gm + Mix Fruit Face Wash 115ml), 2 count

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Every day's increasing pollution, dust, microorganisms, and normal use of chemicals destroy our skin's natural property, makes skin unhealthy & ultimately makes skin dull, reduces skin's glow. To overcome this problem, a complete care is required to keep our skin healthy. Nourishment in a natural way is the best care for the skin. Use of products that contains the natural ingredients makes skin healthy & beautiful without causing any harmful effect. Maintain the glowing & shinning property of skin and get a flawless skin by using natural products only. Protect your skin from the harsh effect of chemicals & nourish your skin naturally to improve skin lustre, complexion, glow & radiance.



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