Roop Mantra Face Wash Combo, 115ml (Cucumber Face Wash + Neem Face Wash + Mix Fruit Face Wash)

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Roop Mantra neem face wash: Roop Mantra neem face wash contains the goodness of neem. It helps in removing excess oil, deep-rooted dirt and controlling blemishes and pimples. The phenomenal blend of neem, tulsi and haldi has and antifungal action preventing the reappearance of pimples. This face wash exfoliates skin and makes it dirt and germ-free, making skin flawless. Roop Mantra cucumber face wash: Roop Mantra herbal face wash is one of the best herbal face wash that acts gently on the skin without affecting the skin texture. It effectively benefits in cleaning off oil and debris, removing make up, dirt, dead cells and other environmental pollutants. It effectively dissolves the big molecules of dirt and oil attached on the skin through micellation. Thereby, it easily rinse off the skin from debris. Roop Mantra ayurvedic face wash is composed of herbal extract of cucumber. The extract of cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties and anti itch properties. Thus, it benefits in burns, cuts and bug bites. The extract of cucumber also acts as moisture regulating agent, thus keeps skin revitalizing and hydrating. Roop Mantra mix fruit face wash: Roop Mantra mix fruit face wash is a blend of natural fruit extract which gives the real feel of refreshment due to its deep cleansing property. This natural product is enriched with the goodness of mix fruit like apple, grape seed, carrot, aloe vera and almond, providing a complete nourishment to skin. This face wash instantly gives radiant skin, preventing blemishes and pimples and also eliminating skin dirt. Roop Mantra mix fruit face wash is not only cleanse your face but also provides some additional antioxidant effect, sun block effect.



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