Salve Sweatgo Roll on Anti perspirant Hyperhidrosis Sweat Free Healthy Skin For Men in Exclusive Fragrance -(Mischief,60 ml)

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Sweatgo Excessive sweating Hyperhidrosis Sweat for Healthy skin?? Reduces excessive sweating ?? Controlled perspiration rate ?? Healthy skin How to Use: How to Use: Wash the area of application and pat dry Start with 1 Application every night Once perspiration is controlled, reduce to twice a week or less Key Ingredients Wash & pat dry the area before application. Start with one application every night and once perspiration is controlled reduce to twice a week or less or as advised Is safe, effective antiperspirant used for hyperhidrosis of underarms, feet & palm. Sweatgo helps reduce excessive sweating. Sweat stains and bad odor often lose our confidence as they cause embarrassment. Helps in hyperhidrosis of underarms, feet & palm, the Sweatgo helps reduce sweat issues to make you more confident in public.



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