Shahnaz Husain Shamask-I Plus Rejuvenating Mask, 100g

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The Shalife Plus Rejuvenating Mask has been developed to delay the body's signs of anti-aging. It contains extracts of vetiver, almonds, quince, sandalwood, rose and lentils that together, tone and tighten the skin for a healthier, more youthful and radiant complexion. Rose water also acts as an astringent which is great for people who have oil skin and enlarged pores. The rose water will tighten your pores and aid In overactive sebum secretion. The scent of the rose petals has been proven to be an instant mood enhancer, thus aiding you to take on your daily stresses and relaxing your skin. Vetiver oil is perfect, in the sense that it is soothing and exudes a gentle, aromatic fragrance. It also has a plumping effect on the skin, aiding dry and dehydrated skin to look and feel its best. Sandalwood is a gentle extract that works with the natural balance of your skin. It is an antioxidant and prevents cell damage. It has repairing agents as it is high in anti-bacterial agents. The soothing effect comes from the anti-inflammatory agents within sandalwood.



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