Sheer Veda Avocado Oil Cold Pressed 100% Pure, Natural for Skin and Hair 15 ml

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Avocado oil is usually greenish-yellow in colour and smells of avocados. Sheer Veda Avacado oil is extracted by Cold press process from the flesh of avocado fruit.Avocado Oil is rich in Vitamin A, D and E, essential and trace minerals and amino acids. Its properties make it especially suitable for use in skin and hair care. Avocado oil is typically used in the blended form with the other oils because of its thick and heavy consistency. Avocado Oil has nourishing property. It nourishes the skin and hairs by penetrating deeper layers. It is ideal for all skin types but it is often used for dry skins and is very useful in reviving the skin damaged by sun or harsh climate.It helps in skin regeneration and softening the tissue.Even though it can be used in its pure form, it is mostly mixed with another carrier oil, such as Almond oil, or Grapeseed oil to make up 10 - 30 % of the carrier mixture. Avocado Oil is the perfect oil to be mixed with other essential oils. Customize your massage oil by adding the carrier oil of your choice to avocado oil.



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