Shocknshop Non Woven N95 Masks Washable And Reusable Head loop For Men Women 5 Layered Filtration with 2 Melt Blown Layers Certified Protective Face Mask - Pack Of 5 (Black)

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Shocknshop N95 Reusable Washable Face Mask Certified With 5 Layer For Men Over Head Loop - Pack of 5, Help keep others safe during times when social distancing is not possible with these Disposable 5-Ply Face Masks. The 5-ply design is made up of a nonwoven fabric outer layer, a cotton middle layer, and a melt-blown nonwoven fabric inner layer. This adult-sized mask is a single size that should fit most face types. The pleated design allows you to pull the mask open vertically, and combined with the embedded nose clip, lets you better customize the fit to the unique contours of your face. The mask comfortably stays in place via two elastic ear loops. Please note that B&H makes no claims regarding the medical effectiveness of this product. Shocknshop anti-pollution mask is a 5 Ply reusable Mask made with non woven fabric and suitable for all weather conditions.



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