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We take great care of most of our body, but tend to neglect the foot - which happens to be one of the most crucial, and highly stressed parts of our body. It is estimated that the distance we travel on our feet every ten years is equivalent to the Earth's circumference. So the 26 bones and 33 joints that make up each foot take a pounding over the course of a lifetime. And given that between one and two times a person's entire body weight is absorbed to as much as three-and-a-half times when running, it is hardly surprising the feet are susceptible to injury. Tight and narrow footwear, although fashionable can lead to severe problems like bunions and hammer toes, which can become painful over time. Sofstep toe separators helps alleviate and prevent these by gently stretching the toes. The toe separators can be refrigerated, or placed in warm water for additonal cooling or heated comfort as may be desired. Put your best foot forward with Sofstep!



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